Why You Should Consider Getting Duplicate Keys Made This Summer

16 July 2020
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For a large number of people throughout the country, summer is the busiest time of year. Depending on your circumstances, there may be a number of people that require access to your residence. Thankfully, this can be made easy with the process of key duplication, which ensures that no one is inconvenienced. While you may worry that giving access to your home away with extra house keys is a problem, there is a process known as rekeying that can be performed by a professional locksmith at the end of the summer that will literally render those extra keys completely useful. Read More 

Helpful Protocol When Hiring A Commercial Locksmith

13 April 2020
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If you own a commercial property, some of the door locks may malfunction. If you can't seem to figure out a solution, then you'll need to work with a commercial locksmith. As long as you take these hiring precautions, you can find a locksmith that comes through in a stress-free manner.  Get Some Referrals If you don't have a lot of time to analyze multiple locksmith practices as you have a business to run, then it's highly recommended to gather referrals. Read More 

Improve Security For Your Rental Home By Relying On A Locksmith

6 May 2019
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As a rental property owner, you may have invested in projects that improve the rental's interior or exterior appearance in hopes that it would lead to faster renting. While these improvements can make a difference, you should not underestimate the impact that less noticeable changes and additions can make on the long-term satisfaction of tenants. After a tenant moves in, you can keep them around by impressing them with the features implemented in the rental home. Read More 

Looking To Maximize Home Security? 3 Uncommon Places To Put Deadbolt Locks

26 August 2016
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Deadbolt locks on your exterior doors and a home security system may have you feeling pretty secure, but you may still feel like you are not secure enough for complete peace of mind. It is possible to add surveillance cameras that surround the entire property and alarms to every door and window, but these measures are not going to give you much protection if someone were to actually break into the home. Read More 

How To Get Into Your Car Without A Key

3 August 2016
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If you get locked out of your car, there are multiple ways that you can get into your vehicle even if you don't have the key to your car. Here are a few do-it-yourself methods you can try if you can't get ahold of a locksmith quickly enough for you to get into your vehicle. The locking mechanisms vary a lot from vehicle to vehicle, so not all of the do-it-yourself tricks listed below may work for you. Read More