Keyless Entry Systems — Simple And Efficient

15 March 2023
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A keyless entry system offers a convenient way to keep your home protected. This type of system is installed and programmed by a locksmith. Read on to learn how a keyless system will be beneficial to you and your family. 

The Elimination Of House Keys

The most convincing reason why many homeowners choose keyless systems is that there will be no need to keep up with the location of a house key. A keyless system contains a pin pad that will only require that a manual code is entered. Once a key is no longer needed to access a residential door, a property owner will not need to be concerned about losing a key or placing one in a safe place that they can easily access.

Keyless systems are simple to operate. Disabled individuals or young children may discover that having access to a keyless system will provide them with a more convenient way to enter their residence. 

The System

A licensed locksmith may feature keyless systems at their place of business. This type of product can also be purchased independently. Once you have determined where you will purchase a keyless product from, shop for a system that will be complementary to your home's design.

The keypad that is part of a system will be installed on the exterior side of the door. Some setups will include multiple keypads. If you own a large home that contains multiple entryways, you may want to invest in a system that contains two or more keypads. This type of product will support upgrading the lock on each entry door.

A system will contain a control panel that is designed to be installed indoors. The control panel will be installed on one of the interior walls that is located near an entry door.

The Installation

A locksmith will install the keypad and the control panel that are included in the keyless product that you have purchased. The locksmith will determine an accessible area to install each part of the product. If you have young children, the locksmith may recommend that the control panel is located at a height that will not be within reach of your children.

If everyone in your family will be using the keyless lock, the locksmith will install the keypad and control panel in areas where each family member can access them. Once the installation is complete, the locksmith will program the keypad and demonstrate how to use it.

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