3 Reasons To Buy A Digital Narcotics Cabinet

24 May 2023
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Before you buy a lockable narcotics cabinet, you should think about your access needs. These cabinets need user controls so that you keep their contents safe and away from harm

While you can buy key-controlled cabinets, you can also use models with digital controls. What are the benefits of buying this kind of cabinet?

1. Set Individual User Access Controls

If you use a cabinet with regular keys, then anyone with a key can open the cabinet and access its contents. You can't control what they do when they open it. This might not be a workable solution for you.

For example, you might want to restrict some high-risk drug withdrawals to senior members of staff.  You don't want every employee with a key to access these drugs. However, this is hard to manage with a keyed cabinet. You basically work on an access-for-all system.

Some digital narcotics cabinets have multiple access controls. As well as exterior locks, they also contain interior locked storage spaces. You can set individual controls for all these locks by user.

Users have to use a unique code or ID badge to access any lock on or in the cabinet. You simply give each user a set of permissions. They can only unlock areas if they have permission. You control access on an individual basis.

2. Track Cabinet Activity

You won't always know what happens to the contents of your narcotics cabinet if you use a regular keyed model. If drugs go missing, then you will have to talk to everyone with a key to see if they took them. You won't necessarily be able to prove if someone stole or misused drugs.

Digital cabinets give you precise tracking data that you can access from any computer on your network. Every person who uses the cabinet leaves their ID trace. Plus, you can see which drugs they accessed.

This tracking system reduces theft and incidences of misuse. It helps you comply with drug storage regulations. People are less likely to steal drugs or use them inappropriately if they know that you can track their actions.

3. Get Automated Inventory Management

Drug cabinet inventory checking and restocking take time. However, if you don't do this job regularly, then you risk running out of an important drug when you most need it.

You can use digital cabinets to streamline your inventory management. Your system will log drug withdrawals and create reports so that you can instantly check on the cabinet's contents. You'll find it easier to track usage and restock your cabinet efficiently.

To get started, contact lockable narcotic cabinet suppliers and ask about their digital products.