Tips To Keep Your Business Premises Secure

16 August 2021
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Keeping your business premises secure should be your number one priority. There is no point in owning a business if you can't protect it from burglars and criminals. You need to invest in the best security systems for your business.

This is especially true for small business owners. As you probably know, robbers target small businesses at an alarming rate. Unless you want to close your business because of theft cases, follow the tips discussed below.

Hire a Trustworthy Person to Oversee Security

You can't say that your business is secure if there is no one to manage your site's security. You can have video surveillance systems installed in your store, but if there is no one to monitor them, robbers and shoplifters will always get away with it. 

To avoid such issues, you can put one of your longstanding employees in charge of the surveillance systems. The person you put in charge doesn't necessarily have to be a security expert, but they should be able to:

  • Track and monitor the surveillance systems
  • Ensure the security systems are maintained
  • Be a point of contact for your alarm receiving center and other service providers
  • Update keyholder information

Install Digital or Electronic Locks

One way to keep your business premises safe is by installing smart or electronic locks. Gone are the days when deadbolt locks used to be safe. Most robbers know how to pick such locks. So why not invest in digital locks? 

Have a commercial locksmith install heavy-duty locks in your business premises. With digital locks in place, your employees will require an entry card or code to enter or exit the premises. You don't have to worry about your employees losing their keys or strangers tampering with the door locks.

Install High-Security Window Locks

As much as you're trying to make your doors secure, don't forget to secure your windows. Some burglars prefer to access buildings through windows instead of doors. So, if you have poorly secured windows on the ground level, make sure you install heavy-duty locks. While at it, clear all the shrubs around the windows because some thieves prefer to hide in such areas.

Install a Video Surveillance System

Most businesses are investing in video surveillance systems to boost their security. Burglars and criminals will think twice before attempting to break into a store with security cameras. And, if they do, you'll have an easy time identifying and suing them as you'll have enough evidence from the CCTV footage. Besides, you can always monitor your business remotely as long as you have an internet connection. 

For more information, contact a commercial locksmith near you.