3 Modern Lock Solutions Every Property Owner Or Manager Should Discuss With A Locksmith

24 November 2020
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If you own or manage an apartment home community, you likely want to keep the neighborhood as safe as possible. You are can have satisfied tenants if you aim to have a neighborhood that feels safe. A critical part of safety relies on having measures in place to deter theft and break-ins. These measures might include having better doors and locks as well as implementing modern strategies to enhance safety. The following points represent some innovative lock solutions that could benefit your neighborhood(s). 

Key Cards

This is a lock solution that is often used to gain access to a community. Residents are issued key cards to swipe and raise a gate door to enter. The actual locks are integrated into the gate systems. Individuals who do not have key cards will usually have to use an installed intercom device to reach management offices or the person they are trying to visit. This is an effective way to keep uninvited individuals from accessing the property to loiter or commit crimes. 

Key Fobs

Metal keys have served the purpose of unlocking doors on properties for many years. Residents use them for their private areas and common areas. Key fob solutions are ideal to replace metal keys in common areas. This can ensure that only residents and staff members can access areas such as swimming pools, laundry rooms, fitness centers, and mailrooms. This can prevent individuals who do not reside on the property from gaining access to amenities or causing community problems. You can eliminate the potential problem of duplicate metal keys being made and distributed to unauthorized individuals.  

Keyless Entry

You might want to consider replacing metal keys with a keyless entry option for residents to access their units. This upgrade would require residents to enter a unique passcode to get into their apartments. It is ideal because it virtually eliminates lost key problems. The access codes can be changed without the worries of rekeying or replacing locks. 

A locksmith is a good resource to use to learn more about new lock technology and other security products you could benefit from using. Some locksmiths offer services that extend beyond lockout services and lock repair/replacement issues. They may offer security system installations and other services. It is wise for property owners and landlords to stay abreast when it comes to advancements in the lock and security industries. Having access to a locksmith on demand is the best option for unexpected events that happen on properties such as vandalism and burglaries. It is also the best way to know the integrity of existing locks and when to consider lock upgrades. Contact a locksmith for more information.