Improve Security For Your Rental Home By Relying On A Locksmith

6 May 2019
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As a rental property owner, you may have invested in projects that improve the rental's interior or exterior appearance in hopes that it would lead to faster renting. While these improvements can make a difference, you should not underestimate the impact that less noticeable changes and additions can make on the long-term satisfaction of tenants. After a tenant moves in, you can keep them around by impressing them with the features implemented in the rental home.

Hiring a locksmith like Stephen K Migoley is worthwhile because they can improve the rental home's security to give peace of mind to all your tenants that live in the rental and want to feel safe and secure.

Front Door Lock

An important feature to focus on is the front door as this is where break-ins can happen. Along with installing a high-security lock that makes it extra challenging for anyone to get inside through picking the lock, you should also keep the door from being susceptible to getting kicked open.

A locksmith can help you pick out a kick plate that is in your price range that will lead to a noticeable improvement in protection against kicking the door open.

Interior Locks

While your focus should be preventing a burglar from getting into the home, you should also add security for your tenants by incorporating interior locks. For instance, a family living in your rental may want the flexibility to lock a bedroom or bathroom door to gain privacy at any time.


After working on the front door, you may feel confident about the security that it will provide to tenants. But, you may want to improve this feature even more by replacing the current peephole or installing one for the first time. If you have a friend or relative stand outside while you look through the peephole and find that it is hard to decipher anything, you should replace it.


While you should not feel obligated to install a safe that your tenants can use, you may want to put one in and bolt it down to the floor or hide it within the floor or one of the walls. This will keep a tenant from feeling the need to invest in a heavy safe while they live inside a rental.

If you want to make your rental home more secure for tenants, you should look to hire a locksmith because they can work on all sorts of projects to help you accomplish your goal.