Looking To Maximize Home Security? 3 Uncommon Places To Put Deadbolt Locks

26 August 2016
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Deadbolt locks on your exterior doors and a home security system may have you feeling pretty secure, but you may still feel like you are not secure enough for complete peace of mind. It is possible to add surveillance cameras that surround the entire property and alarms to every door and window, but these measures are not going to give you much protection if someone were to actually break into the home. So, you should consider installing deadbolt locks in a variety of uncommon places for extra protection.

Interior Garage Door

The exterior door going into your garage might be properly secured. Even the garage door you have might be built with protection in mind. But, what happens if someone is able to get inside? A standard lockset on the door going into the home will not give you much protection, but a deadbolt lock can. So, you should make plans to have a deadbolt lock added to an existing door or a new door that your purchase.

Basement Door

Your basement might not have a separate entrance from outside of the home, so it might be easy to assume that investing in additional security measures for this particular area would be unnecessary. But, you never know when you may be spending time in the basement and you start hearing ruckus upstairs. Or, you may just like knowing that the basement is not as easily accessed as getting through a simple interior lock. A deadbolt lock will give you some extra time for the proper authorities to show up.

Panic Room

One of the most important places to put a deadbolt lock is in a panic room, if you decide to create one. The basics require a windowless room, steel doorjamb, and a Grade-1 deadbolt lock. Until this kind of high-security and durable lock is installed on the room's door, you cannot consider it complete. To gain even more security, you should replace the interior door with a solid-core door. A solid wood or steel door combined with the other preventive measures will make for an impressively secure room.

Most security measures that you should be taking inside your house should revolve around giving yourself more time to react to the situation at hand. A panic room will give you reliable protection, and the interior garage door deadbolt lock will give you enough time to safely get into the panic room. Implementing these locks in rare locations will throw off potential intruders and provide you with a safer home.

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