Answering A Couple Of Basic Questions About Transponder-Based Locks

24 May 2016
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The type of locks that are on your business's doors can be one of the most important factors in determining the security of the building. Sadly, there are many business owners that may not be particularly informed about the various options for locks that they can utilize. In particular, transponder-based locks can be an excellent option for enhancing the security of your enterprise, but if you are inexperienced with these locks, you might need to have these two questions answered before deciding if they are a good fit for your business's needs.

What Makes A Transponder Key More Secure Than Other Options?

While a transponder key system will be more expensive than traditional locks, it can offer you the security advantage of ensuring that no unauthorized key copies have been made. In order for these locks to work, the key must broadcast the correct radio frequency to the lock.

In addition to preventing unauthorized copies of your keys from being made, you can easily disable any keys that were assigned to former employees. This is possible by erasing that key's transponder signal from the system, which will prevent it from being recognized. The exact steps for this task will vary based on the configuration of your lock, but this information should be available in your owner's manual.

Why Are The Maintenance Needs For Transponder-Based Locks?

Some business owners may be hesitant about installing this type of locking system because they are concerned about maintaining these systems. However, you should be aware that transponder based locks do not generally require much more maintenance than traditional locks. In fact, these locks will typically only need to be serviced by a trained professional every few years. These visits are necessary for making sure that the moving components of the locks are properly lubricated and free of wear and tear. Also, the transponder receivers will be tested to ensure that they are properly calibrated to read the signal from the keys.

Upgrading to transponder locks and keys can be an excellent way of improving the security of your company. However, if you are uninformed or inexperienced when it comes to these locking systems, it can be difficult to make a sound choice. By understanding why this type of lock is more secure and that these systems are not very maintenance intensive, you will be better able to make a decision about whether this is the best choice for securing your enterprise. For more information about transponder locks, check out websites like