Four Easy Ways To Improve Your Business' Entrance Security

11 March 2016
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If you own a business or a retail store, you know how challenging it can be to allow easy access to your building for employees, customers and visitors while still keeping the people and property inside safe and secure. While investing in good locks and an access control system is part of the equation, there are a number of other things you can do to make sure that your building is as secure as it can be.

Easy ways to improve your building security

1. Invest in good locks and an entrance system. The first thing you need to do to secure your building is to invest in a good system of locks and access control. Every company's needs are slightly different. You may have a retail area that's open to the public and an office and warehouse that are restricted. You might have just a reception area that's accessible to the public with inner offices that require access control. A good access control company can create a system that meets your needs for security without making it a handle for your employees.

2. Have a rigid system in place to identify users. It's important to know who has keys and access codes for your building at all times. If you have a large company, that means getting keys from employees who leave the company as well as logging in contact information for outside contractors with access, such as your cleaning staff or computer repair technician. If you use a code to access the building, consider implementing a system where each person has his or her own code, so you know who has entered and when.

3. Keep your landscaping well-trimmed and away from entrance points. Heavy foliage and dense bushes give potential thieves cover while they break into your exterior doors and windows. Making sure that all of the potential entrance points to your building are visible and that bushes and trees are well-trimmed will go a long way in deterring a burglar.

4. Use motion lights to illuminate dark corners. Dark, hidden corners also give thieves time to work at entering your building. One easy and affordable way to solve this issue is to install motion lights that come one when someone crosses the sensor's path.

While there's no way to absolutely prevent break-ins and unauthorized access to your building, investing in a good lock and access system, keeping track of who has access and keeping your doors and windows illuminated and visible to passersby can go a long way towards keeping burglars and other authorized people from getting inside your business. To learn more, contact a company like Midwest Lock & Security