4 Reasons To Have The Locks Of Your Commercial Building Changed

8 March 2016
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The locks of your building are often the primary security measure used to keep your business safe. Thus, if any of the locks have been compromised, your business and the safety of your employees may suddenly be jeopardized. In these instances, it is best to have the affected locks throughout your business changed. Here are a few indications that you should have new locks installed or old locks re-keyed:

While at work, your keys were lost for a period before being recovered.

As a business owner or manager, you are likely to have keys to all of the important areas of your business facility, such as entry doors and even safes. If you lose your set of keys, especially if they are lost for a long period, it is often best to have the locks throughout your building replaced.

During the time that your keys were misplaced, someone could have had copies of the keys made. With these keys, that person could gain entry to areas that he or she is not authorized to access.

You have hired a new security guard.

Regardless of how honest and reliable your former security guard was, if you hire a new one, it is often best to change your building locks. The security guard will have had access to the majority of your building through the set of keys that he or she was assigned. Even if the keys are turned in at the time that the security guard resigns, the keys could still have been compromised while in his or her possession.

A high-level employee resigns or is terminated.

If an employee who had keys to many of the areas within your building or even to your outside entry door resigns or is terminated, replacing your locks can help maintain the security of your building.

The keys used by that employee may or may not have been turned in. As long as the locks remain unchanged, keys that were retained can still gain entry. In addition, keys that are turned in by the employee could have been replicated.

You have hired a new cleaning service.

If the company that was responsible for cleaning your business did not perform satisfactorily and you hire a new company, it is best to have each lock that matched  the keys given to the former cleaning crew replaced.

Sometimes, a commercial locksmith will be able to rekey your current locks. However, if you have had problems with people gaining entry to unauthorized areas or to the building itself, it may be best to simply have each lock replaced instead of re-keyed. The locksmith will be able to provide you with several keys for each of the changed locks.

If you feel the need to change the locks of your commercial building, don't procrastinate. Contact a locksmith, such as Jerry's Lock and Safe Company, for more information.