Understanding The Advantages Of Delayed Egress Doors For Commercial Businesses

7 March 2016
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When you're evaluating your options for adding secure doors to your commercial property, you should talk with a local locksmith about installing delayed egress doors. These doors are unique in the fact that the locking mechanism on the door doesn't unlatch immediately, but instead comes with a delay of a few seconds between the time someone tries to open the door and the time that the lock actually releases. You may wonder why you would need something like this in your building. Here are a few of the benefits of adding delayed egress doors to your property.

Meets Fire Code Requirements

In most places, fire code requires that exit doors remain unlocked when the building is occupied. Unfortunately, leaving those exit doors unlocked can make it easy for would-be thieves to walk out with business equipment, products and other items. When people exit the doors, the delayed latch release can provide some time for others in the building to spot someone trying to leave the building with an item that they aren't authorized to take, potentially stopping the theft.

Ability to Capture Security Footage

When you have delayed egress doors, you can enhance your building's security by installing cameras at the doors. When people come in or exit, they have to stop at the door, even if briefly, to wait for the door to unlock. During this pause, you can capture an image of the person for your security logs. That way, if there's any question about identifying someone in the building, you'll have clear images to reference.

Enhanced Double-Door Security

When you install delayed egress doors on your double-door entry, you can enhance your security and potentially prevent serious crimes. For example, part of the delayed lock release can include a sensor that prevents the lock from releasing on one door if the other one is still open. This requires people to slow down and wait for the hydraulic door closer to complete its path on one door before they can open the second door. The delay can prove to be a nuisance and deterrent for some criminals, making it a great option for properties like pawn shops and jewelry stores.

When it comes to security, sometimes the seemingly small investments can prove to be the most beneficial. If you have questions about your building's security needs or you want to explore adding a delayed release egress door on your property, talk with a lock repair company today.